New York’s Got Talent

New York’s Got Talent: Episode 3 - Photo Heros

August 12, 2018

New York's Got Talent:  Episode 3 - Photo Heros

Daniel Arnold, Jessica Lehrman, and Andre D. Wagner w/ special guest - Derrick Beckles

New York's Got Talent is a podcast hosted by New York Nico (@newyorknico) that highlights the unique individuals that make the city of New York a whole lot less boring.

Nico's third episode is about three of his favorite photographers - Daniel Arnold (@arnold_daniel), Jessica Lehrman (@jessierocks), and Andre D. Wagner (@photodre).  They discuss topics such as - how timing and luck advanced their careers, fear of shooting in public and some interesting experiences they have had along the way.  Derrick Beckles (@tvcarnage) pops in to ask/answer a few questions, and of course, make us laugh.