New York’s Got Talent

New York’s Got Talent: Episode 4 - Blac Rabbit w/ co-host Tiger Hood

August 25, 2018

New York's Got Talent:  Episode 4 - Blac Rabbit 

w/ co-host Tiger Hood


New York's Got Talent is a podcast hosted by New York Nico (@newyorknico) that highlights the unique individuals that make the city of New York a whole lot less boring. 


Nico discovered twins, Amiri and Rah Taylor on the subway back in February performing Beatles covers. The video he took of them performing “8 Days a Week” went viral, landing Amiri, Rah and their band Blac Rabbit on the Ellen show in March. Since then, the band has been touring and working on their debut album. Nico catches up with them for the 4th episode of New York’s Got Talent.